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You can only see what you need to see when you are at where you need to be

"You cannot see what I want you to see unless you stand in a particular place. Remember how it has been before. When you discern the place I want you to be, then I can show you things that it would be impossible to show anywhere else in exactly the way I mean it to be. Particularly is everything. The nuances of specific interrelationships are unique to each moment, setting, configuration. I like to be the one who sets the stage and sometimes I share that delight with you. Trust me that when I am taking you away from this wonderful, fragrant summer place I take you to something better -- Myself. I know you'd rather stay home, but in the end you'll say, "I wouldn't have missed it." Trust me. I will never waste the time you give to me or anything else. Whatever you truly let go of and place fully in my keeping becomes a seed planted for the kingdom. I am the only One who really knows what that means. But I will teach you when you are willing to learn this glorious way." ~Jeannette Bakke, Holy Invitations


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